We directly build and sell apartments located in the most beautiful resorts in the mountains, by the sea and by the lake.

Public transit allows to easily reach the locations during all season.

The presence of many services, shops, tourist attractions and sport facilities allow you to plan your holidays according to your pleasure and your needs. Quiet, relax, sport or entertainment; the choice is yours, we’ll put the house in!

The mountain for everyone The Valleys near Bergamo include a natural, historical and artistic heritage of great value. Visitors can enjoy natural and landscape beauties, art and culture, traditions, good food, typical products, sports, wellness. These places are the ideal destination for those who want to spend holidays that can be relaxing, cultural or adventurous, during all seasons. Close to Milan, well connected by transit, full restaurants, farms, dairy stores, crossed by several hiking trails, is a perfect place for short trips out of town or longer stay, enjoyable for the whole family, surrounded by nature, you can satisfy the needs of those who want to rest and those who want to be more active.


Bordighera: the italian Còte d’Azur Near the border between Italy and France up on a hill overlooking the sea, rises Bordighera, a beautiful Italian village, visited by tourists throughout the year. The breathtaking view and the particularly mild climate in winter make this small town attractive even in the wintertime. The sea that laps the beaches, characterized by an intense color, is ideal for bathing, diving and for excursions on a sailboat and motorboat. A particularly lively place that combines local traditions of the territory and tourism opportunities.

The magic of Garda Lake The Lake of Garda, also called Benaco, is the largest Italian lake. To the south, it is surrounded by the morainic hills left by the retreat of the ice; in the northern part, higher and narrow, enclosed by high mountain ranges that form the shape of a fjord and protect the area making its climate particularly mild Mediterranean. The brightness of the environment, the pleasantness of climate, a rich vegetation, consisting mainly of olive trees, palms, cypresses, lemons, oleanders and orange trees, together with the magnificence of the landscapes, which are the background of an interesting historical and cultural heritage scattered throughout its territory, make it certainly one of the most attractive of Italian lakes. The intense color of the water, with a marked blue hue and transparency hard to find, make Lake of Garda a unique place to go able to welcome visitors, lovers of leisure, sport, entertainment and joy of exploring.

In every of these beautiful locations we can offer you

  • Two rooms apartment;
  • Three-rooms apartments (could be on two levels);
  • Independent villas;
  • Gardens and private green spaces;
  • Garages and/or parking spaces;

Contact one of our agents free of duty. We will be glad to bring you to visit our properties and we will be honored to choose with you the house of your next vacation!